I can't attend my lesson today. How can I let my tutor know?

If it's the day of your lesson and you know you won't be able to make it, your tutor will really appreciate being informed so they don't waste time waiting for you.

If you're taking lessons with your tutor via Skype, you can write to them through this tool. Their Skype details can be found on the My Tutors tab after logging into your account. 

Otherwise, you can contact your tutor via email by replying to any booking email e.g. an email for booking confirmation, cancellation or rescheduling. Search 'LanguaTalk' to find one in your email account. Your reply to the email will go directly to the tutor, rather than to the support team.

Alternatively, if your lesson is more than 24h away, you still have the option to cancel/reschedule. You'd need to do this via My Lessons in your account.