Why can't I cancel or reschedule less than 24h before my lesson?

Students sometimes request to cancel or reschedule at the last minute, for example if they have a power cut, internet issue, or a last minute work meeting.

The problem is that if tutors allow this, they lose money because they cannot quickly find another student for the time that was allocated. Language tutors are generally not high earners and need some form of income protection.

For this reason, we allow students to cancel or reschedule their session up to 24h before it starts (this must be done via the booking system).

We believe this is a fair balance. You can cancel 24 to 48h before, even though tutors often can't replace the lesson with another student if this happens. But expecting tutors to allow changes less than 24h would not be fair to them as they have put the time aside and their income would be affected.

We mention this policy on our website and emails so everyone is aware. We know it is frustrating to lose money when something stops you from taking your lesson, but we hope you can see it from the tutors' perspective.