Do you have a referral program?

LanguaTalk is growing fast. And we have our users to thank for this as they often tell their friends and colleagues about us. So we decided to set up a referral program so we can say thanks & encourage even more learners to help their tutors get more work.

We will add $12 to your account balance if a friend or colleague you refer buys at least 10 lessons (doesn't have to be all in one go). Once they let us know you referred them and tell us your email, we'll add the $12 to your account to say thank you.

There is no limit to how many people you can refer, though please note we don't currently include family members.

If you're a content creator and you want to share LanguaTalk with your audience, please contact us for information on our affiliate program instead.




The Legal Bit...

Whilst we're pretty laid-back folks, we were advised to add some legal terms for our referral program. You can see these below:

Qualifying Purchases
A referral qualifies for the reward when the referred user has bought at least 10 lessons in total. Purchases qualify from January 2023 onwards. Purchases from family members do not qualify, nor do purchases that are cancelled, refunded or found to be fraudulent.

Other Restrictions
A purchase does not qualify if you refer yourself or existing users of LanguaTalk. It also does not qualify if you buy the lessons for someone. Users that attempt to abuse the referral promotion will not receive the referral bonus, and their LanguaTalk account may be suspended.

Limited Time Only
This referral program is effective for a limited time. The requirements and incentives are subject to change.