4) Setting your availability

Go to your account, select Availability in the menu, and you'll be able to set your regular hours. The time slots you add here will show as available on your calendar every week (unless you override them further down on the page).

You can enter your availability in am/pm format (e.g. '9am-12pm, 1pm-8:30pm') or if you normally use the 24h format (e.g. 9-12, 13-20.30) you can use that instead to avoid confusion. If you enter times in 24h format, the times will be converted to am/pm automatically. And remember, 12am is midnight, not midday! Also notice there are commas between the time slots, and there are hyphens between the times stated above - you cannot just enter 10am, 1pm, etc.

Time slots will show to students every half an hour, so the times you enter should be on the hour (e.g. 9am) or at half past (e.g. 9.30am).

If you know that your availability is going to be different on a specific day of the month, for example if you need to take some time off, you can override your regular hours using the calendar below. To do this, click on the times showing on the date you wish to edit and make your changes. If you need to close your availability completely on a specific date, delete the times showing on the date.

After setting your availability, we recommend you check that it's showing as desired by checking the calendar on your profile. You can access this via Settings > My Profile and clicking 'View Profile'. Settings can be accessed via the dropdown on the right of the menu.

It's a good idea to keep your availability accurate as students may not be happy if you have to cancel their bookings. If you also teach via other websites we strongly recommend syncing your calendars to make things easier for yourself and avoid double bookings. You can learn how to do this here.

Your availability will show to students for the upcoming 90 days. If your availability is left open for this period, you may benefit from bulk bookings from students who like to book in 1-3 months of lessons in order to commit themselves.

Your time zone is calculated automatically when you create your account, so you should not need to update it unless you change location. You can check it under Settings.

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