10) Profile title & written intro

As well as adding a profile photo and video, you'll need to add some short text describing yourself and your lessons. This will show both on your profile and on the tutor listings page, so write carefully! Below are the requirements:

  • The maximum length for the title is 90 characters; for the intro text: 1500 characters
  • Write in English. You can provide a translation in your language afterwards if you wish, but the first part should always be in English.
  • In your title, include the language you're teaching and 1 or 2 of the following words: tutor, teacher, lessons, classes (Example: Spanish tutor, French teacher etc.) This will help the page show in Google. We may edit your title a little to help you.
  • Please do not write in CAPITALS, or in bold, and do not link to other websites.
  • Please do not include your full name, only your first name.
  • Please do not tell people to 'contact you', as we do not currently have a messaging system on the site. The first step is for them to book a trial session, then they can message you by replying to booking emails if needed.
  • Please do not copy profile text you have on another site as this tells Google that we have copied another site and we can get penalised for this. If you wish to copy some text, please change some words/sentences.

Here are some recommendations for the title text

  • If you're a qualified teacher, use one of the following words: 'Qualified', 'Certified' or 'Professional' (please do not use such terms if they're not true, there are alternatives as you can see below)
  • You may also include things like your experience, or the types of students you specialise in teaching. Examples: Certified Spanish teacher with 3 years of experience / Professional Dutch tutor with 600 hours of experience teaching online / German tutor specialised in DaF/Goethe exam prep / Friendly, Native English teacher who will get you speaking!

And here are our recommendations for the intro text

  • This can be similar to the script you use in your video. The first paragraph(s) should be all about what you can offer students. So cover things like the types of lessons you can offer, your teaching experience and style, and the types of resources you use.
  • If you wish to, you can also write a few sentences about yourself and your interests. But keep this short and only include it at the end.
  • Write concisely. Remove unnecessary words and sentences. Students will be more likely to read your profile if the text is short.
  • Use a spelling and grammar checker on your computer to check your English. Whilst students will understand that you're writing in a foreign language, they may be less likely to book with you if you make many careless mistakes.

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