Updating lesson statuses as not completed and no shows

The vast majority of the time, booked lessons will go ahead without any problems. So, to save you time, lessons are automatically marked as completed. 

If a lesson is not completed successfully, you must mark it as such within 48h. Failure to do this may cause problems for you, your student and our team. Consequently, if this happens more than once, we may be forced to suspend your account.

To mark a lesson as not completed, first go to My Lessons, select Past and find the relevant lesson.

To ensure that the student's funds are returned to their account and aren't incorrectly paid to you, click Mark Not Completed

Alternatively, if the student did not show up to the lesson, click Mark No Show. If you click this, the lesson will still be considered completed in our system, but we'll be able to see if the student did not show up if they complain afterwards. As long as you can show you’ve attempted to contact the student, you can still get paid even if they don't turn up.