A student is taking a StoryLearning course and wants the classes to follow the StoryLearning methodology. What is this?

The StoryLearning Method was created by the well-known polyglot and author, Olly Richards. He often sends students our way!

Each course offered at StoryLearning — no matter what level, language or focus — is built around a story.

The courses have chapters covering different aspects: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, communication, speaking and culture. Each lesson (Grammar, Vocabulary, etc.) is built around a chapter of the story.

For example, let's say the grammar lesson for Chapter 5 is “introducing past tense verbs in X language". In this case, the lesson will take sentences from Chapter 5 of the story and locate the past tense verbs that are used. They’ll break down the verb meaning and practice conjugating the verb in the past tense.

Students who are taking courses on StoryLearning often book on LanguaTalk to practice their speaking and pronunciation. If this is true of your student, you can ask them if they'd like to share their speaking activities pack with you.

The speaking activities included in these packs are built for practicing the words and concepts from the chapter, but may also include extras to enhance communication and conversation.
The activities include “sample dialogues/responses.” These dialogues don't need to be replicated exactly - they’re just general ideas for the students to help them practice particular topics and tenses.
You can see a couple of examples of these activities via the following links: French speaking activities | Korean speaking activities
If you have any questions or would like to ask questions about the StoryLearning approach, please feel free to contact us and we'll pass the message onto Madeline at StoryLearning.