3) How to connect with students

We recommend you provide students with a choice from at least two of: Skype, Google Meet, Whereby and Zoom. Some students have a strong preference for one, so by providing multiple options you'll maximise bookings.

Google Meet and Whereby take seconds to set up and and are easier for students as they do not need to download anything. So we recommend adding at least one of these.

We'll explain how to add your calling details correctly, as well as the pros and cons of each tool, once you finish this guide.

How to connect with students

For sessions with new students, you’ll need to check their booking form to see their info and see which calling tool they've selected.

They'll contact you at the time of the lesson - you should not need to email them as in their booking confirmation email and reminder email, we provide them with your calling details. They might also email you beforehand by replying to their confirmation or reminder email.

Students occasionally struggle with technology - if after 5-10 minutes, they've not called you by the start time, you should email them (you can reply to the booking confirmation email to do this). If they've chosen to use Skype, you can also search their email address there and their profile will often pop up.

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