2) How to succeed, expectations & terms

After every lesson, students are encouraged to leave a rating out of 5. They also have the option of leaving a public review and/or giving you private feedback. We'll send you an email if you receive a rating/feedback. You can also view this in your account under Students > Student Details. You won't receive a rating after a trial.

As you gather more positive ratings and reviews, your profile will become more popular with students. You'll also find it easier to raise your price per lesson.

To attract positive reviews and retain students, you'll need to adapt to your students’ needs, using different methods to make lessons as fun and effective as possible.

Tutors with positive reviews from students, as well as sufficient availability, will be more likely to be placed near the top of the tutor listings page. If you're placed near the top, you may receive more bookings.

We also value tutors who stay organised. This includes:

  • Updating your calendar regularly so that you rarely need to cancel or reschedule lessons due to availability issues. If you cannot attend a lesson, consider apologising to the student, cancelling in the system and encouraging them to book a new time.
  • Responding to messages from your students within a reasonable time period (preferably checking at least twice a day on weekdays.) Students may write to you via email or Skype (if you've added a Skype ID in your Settings).
  • Joining calls on time. Students won’t be happy if you’re 5 minutes late given they're paying for your time.


Just like on other tutoring websites, you’ll work as a freelancer through our site. Among other things, this means that you're free to set your own hours, to teach how you wish, and you'll be self-employed and responsible for any taxes associated with your work. At some point you may want to check out our Terms page as by using the website and offering your services, you are agreeing to all of the Terms. Warning: it’s boring!

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