7) About trial sessions

Students who like your profile may book a 30-minute trial session with you. This gives them an opportunity to get to know you and how you teach. After the trial, they'll have the option of purchasing between 1 and 20 lesson credits.

We'll email them booking confirmation and reminder emails, then after the session we'll encourage them to buy lessons with you. So you do not have to email the student unless they're not connecting.

When a student joins LanguaTalk, they'll be able to take one trial session for free.

If a student has already taken a trial session with another tutor, then to take one with you they'll usually have to pay 30% of your 55-minute lesson rate.

We strongly recommend you offer free trial sessions for students who are new to LanguaTalk, however you can opt to charge 30% of your standard lesson price if you select this option in Settings. Doing this may mean you gain fewer students. On average, we find that around 50% of trials are successful, though this varies depending on the tutor. Be patient and your student numbers should gradually increase.

Important: when you have enough students and no longer wish to accept trial bookings, please go to Settings > My Profile Settings, untick the 'Accept new students and trial sessions' box. If you do not do this and consequently have to cancel multiple trials, this will affect your performance rating because it will mess students around and lead to other tutors missing out on work.

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