How do I set my rate?

Your rate per 55-minute lesson can be updated at any point via My Profile Settings in your account.

Changes only affect people considering booking with you - if you want to adjust your rate for an existing student, you'll need to do this under Students > Student Details. 

The rate applies to single lesson purchases. To encourage students to take more lessons with you, if a student buys 5 lessons the price per lesson will be 4% lower, if they buy 10 lessons it will be 8% lower, and for 20 lessons it will be 12% lower. 

You do not need to consider LanguaTalk commission as this will be added afterwards. This differs to other sites, so if you also work via one that takes commission off your rate, add a lower rate on LanguaTalk so that your lessons cost roughly the same.

We have a help article to help you estimate what you'll receive in your bank account based on a specific rate.

A common strategy is to start at a slightly discounted rate and increase it little by little as you build your reputation through receiving positive reviews. The lowest rates tutors are permitted to set are as follows (in USD): 

German & Swedish: $13

French, Dutch & Japanese: $11

All other languages: $8

As mentioned above, you can update the rate an existing student has under Student Details. We recommend limiting any changes to 1 to 2 USD as larger rises can lead to the student quitting or changing tutor (and retaining students is key to your success).

If a couple of students ask to learn together, you could inform them during the trial session that you're happy to do it, and you'll just need to add an extra (e.g.) 20% to your prices given there are two of them.

If in Settings, you choose to also offer 30-minute lessons, these will cost 68% of your 55-minute lessons.

Regarding 30-minute trial sessions, tutors who offer them for free to students who are new to LanguaTalk tend to get more bookings, however you can opt to charge 30% of your standard 55-minute lesson price if you select this option in your Settings. If you notice you've been paid for a trial despite offering them for free, this is because students are generally only given one credit for a free trial.