Can I learn with someone else and does it cost the same as 1-on-1? / Do tutors offer group lessons?

The prices you see on profiles are for 1-on-1 lessons. But we find that many tutors are willing to teach two people together as long as they have the same level and needs. Some tutors are also able to teach groups of 3 or more. You should mention how many of you there are when completing your trial booking form.

Tutors may, at their discretion, increase their rate to reflect the fact that they would be teaching two (or more) of you. They will typically let you know what the price increase would be during the trial session.

Note that tools like Zoom and Whereby, which some tutors use, have a time limit of 40 minutes when calls are between more than 2 people (unless one party has a paid subscription). Last time we checked, Google Meet has a limit of 60 minutes on its free plan, so it may be a better option.