Can I take lessons that are longer than 55-mins?

Yes, this is possible if the tutor is happy to offer longer lessons.

If you want a lesson of 1h 50 mins, you can book 2 x 55-min lessons back to back.

If you want a lesson nearer a 1h 30 duration, there are a couple of potential solutions:

1) Book a 55-min lesson and a 30-min lesson next to each other. This is the recommended solution. 30-min lessons are more expensive per minute, but the tutor can solve this by providing a temporary 20% discount, which will bring them down to an almost identical cost per minute. Note that this discount would provided on the basis that it would only be used for 30-minute lessons added to the end of 55-min ones.

The tutor would also need to have 30-min lessons enabled in their Settings. If they do, you'll see this noted on their profile below their pricing, above the 'buy lessons' button. 

Feel free to share this article with your tutor so they understand what you'd like to do.

2) Book 2 x 55-min lessons one day, and 1 x 55-min lesson another day. Beforehand, ask your tutor if they'd be willing to take 25-30 mins from the double lesson and add it onto the single lesson on the other day. This would result in lessons lasting approximately 1h 23. The tutor would simply need to block off the extra half an hour on their calendar to ensure another student doesn't book it. You can email your tutor by replying to any booking email (replies to payment emails go to support instead).