I’m a beginner / I only have a basic level in my target language. Is Langua a good choice for me?

Whilst we expect Langua to be most popular with A2 and B1 level learners, Langua can still be an ideal tool if you’re a beginner or you haven’t been practicing for long.

When browsing videos or podcasts, you can select your level at the top to see content that’s suitable for you. If you can’t find something that’s right for you, there’s also the option to search and import content.

By showing you transcripts that highlight each word as it’s spoken, as well as enabling you to translate words and sentences easily, we make content more comprehensible for you.

Plus, you can go to ‘Build my vocab’ and click on Most Common Words. There, you can access flashcard packs that contain words in order of how frequently they're used, together with translations and usage examples. You can quickly add these words and learn them efficiently using our carefully designed flashcard system.

If you have Langua Pro, there's also Communicate, which allows you to practice conversations with AI characters that sound like native-speakers. If you're a beginner, we recommend you learn some vocab via flashcards first, and ideally try some beginner videos and podcasts too, before you attempt to chat with our AI. This is because the AI will always reply in your target language, and whilst we provide translations, it may be tricky to keep up. Of course, you can always translate individual words in one click, so you're welcome to try it if you like a challenge!