I’m currently learning with a tutor on LanguaTalk - is Langua an alternative?

Typically, learners take sessions with a tutor 1-2 times per week. We created Langua to help learners make progress in between their sessions, rather than as a replacement for them. Whilst Langua has a lot of features, there are things that only a talented tutor can give you, like expert feedback and exercises tailored to your specific needs and goals.

A good tutor will also make you feel supported and give you energy when you’re lacking in it. Plus, speaking to a native in your target language is not only helpful, it's highly motivating. It gives you a hint of how it'll feel when you can speak fluently!

If you want to practice in between classes, Langua Pro is ideal. Many learners have told us that they love having the option to chat with our AI whenever they have a moment free. Langua's AI chat tool allows you to talk with characters that sound like native-speakers. They'll ask you questions to get you expressing yourself. You can also get corrections and explanations, though AI cannot provide these as expertly as a tutor. For example, it will sometimes miss mistakes and lack nuance. Still, it's proving really popular with learners who are combining it with their tutoring sessions to make faster progress.