What's the difference between the free and Pro versions of Langua?

Langua Pro gives you access to Communicate: our advanced AI that gives you the opportunity to practice speaking and listening whenever you've a few minutes available. You can do practical role plays, debate controversial topics, chat about your day or specific interests, and more. The AI corrects you and builds your confidence for dealing with real-life situations, without the pressure that comes with talking to a native-speaker.

With Pro, you can also generate unlimited interactive transcripts for videos, podcasts and texts, as well as generate audio for the texts. With Pro, you can also save translations of words and sentences, then learn them through a choice of flashcard exercises that help you build your vocab as fast as possible. It also enables you to import vocabulary from elsewhere.

In addition, Pro enables you to generate simple example sentences that show words in context, as well as short stories that incorporate your saved words.

To see pricing in your currency, and all available features, click on Try Langua Pro in the menu (you'll need to be logged in to see this). Pro is available as a monthly or annual subscription that you can cancel anytime. There's also a 30-day moneyback guarantee so you can try it and get a refund if it isn't for you.