What's the difference between the free and Pro versions of Langua?

With the free version, you can instantly generate interactive transcripts for podcasts, videos and articles. This is limited to one transcript per day, but you can also see transcripts that are already in our library. You’ll be able to translate words in one click. With many languages, we also have ‘most common words’ flashcard packs to help you build your core vocabulary as fast as possible.

We have three Pro plans available:

The Communicate and Unlimited plans both give you access to the AI conversation practice, our most popular learning tool. ‘Communicate’ gives you up to 75 messages per day, which takes 45 minutes on average. The Unlimited plan allows for longer practice sessions.

Then there’s the ‘Immerse’ plan, which is a cheaper option for learners who aren’t interested in the conversation practice and feedback. All three Pro plans enable you to:

  • Learn effectively from podcasts & videos with interactive transcripts that sync with the audio (unlimited transcripts).
  • Save words and sentences, then learn them with flashcard exercises proven to help you memorize vocabulary as efficiently as possible.
  • See all word meanings, usage examples & similar words.
  • Reinforce words in context by generating short AI stories that incorporate your saved words. Optionally add audio.
  • Learn from content that matches your interests by importing videos and articles. Bring your articles to life by adding audio narration.

Our 30-day moneyback guarantee is designed to let you explore the benefits without any risk. To see pricing in your currency, and all available features, click here or on 'Try Langua Pro' in the menu (you'll need to be logged in to access this page due to the way we display pricing by currency).