Are there any restrictions or limits with the Communicate (AI chat) feature?

The current limit is 75 messages per day. This lasts learners around 40 minutes on average. To make the most of the chat, avoiding giving very short answers like 'yes' or 'no'. Instead, answer with full sentences (don't worry about making mistakes as you can see corrections by hitting the pencil icon next to your message. You can even reply partly in English, then see the translation).

You'll make steady progress if you practice for 10-30 minutes several days a week on Langua. This is more effective than doing one long session once a week. If you have extra time after chatting, try either:

a) saving words you didn't know as flashcards (by clicking on the word then clicking the plus button), then going to Flashcards or creating an AI story with your saved words.

b) following a podcast episode or video with a transcript. Getting lots of listening and/or reading practice is vital to reach an advanced level.

Why is there a limit? Well, the AI technology used in the background is currently very expensive to use (cheaper AI tech exists but is not as intelligent - we use the world's best). If someone were to send 30 messages every day, we'd actually lose money on their subscription. We may introduce add-ons in future for learners who want to practice more intensively, or the cost of the tech may come down.