Why did the AI transcribe a random sentence that I did not say?

The AI transcription technology we use comes from OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. It's more accurate than any other tool, but it has one issue. If there are five or more seconds of silence, it may occasionally hallucinate, adding words from its training data. This is why you may see a random sentence added. It's quite confusing when this happens!

Fortunately, this is quite rare for the majority of learners. You can avoid it by not speaking in a noisy environment, and pausing the recording if you are not ready to speak (if you have 'auto-record' on). You may also want to turn 'auto-send' off.

We do several things to reduce the frequency of this issue occurring, but we're waiting for OpenAI to address it in their next update, which will hopefully come very soon.