I cannot connect to my tutor for my lesson. What should I do?

As explained elsewhere, your tutor will be waiting for you on the calling tool you requested. You can access their contact details via the My Tutors tab after logging in.

If you selected Skype, check that you haven't made a typo when searching for your tutor in Skype using the contact details we provided.

If a few minutes pass after the lesson start time and your tutor still hasn't joined the call, you can contact them by replying to any booking email you've received previously (search 'LanguaTalk' to find one).

You can also contact us via the help button in the bottom-right corner of your screen and we'll email the tutor to see if they have an emergency. It is extremely rare for a tutor not to show up, but if this occurs, we'll make sure your lesson credit gets returned. We expect tutors to respect your time and be punctual.

P.S. Sometimes students try to call their tutor before the lesson time. Please only call your tutor at the start time as if you do so before, they may be in another lesson. You can of course write to them beforehand to introduce yourself if you're using Skype, but this is completely optional! 😊