Can I pay in my own currency?

Currently, it's only possible to pay in US Dollars. We have a lot of users who don't have a bank account in Dollars. When they make a payment, their bank simply converts the amount paid in USD into their currency. 

On each tutor's profile page, their pricing will be shown to you in your currency based on the latest exchange rates (updated hourly).

Tip from Alex, co-founder: Banks sometimes charge a small fee or apply a slightly different exchange rate for international payments, so if you plan to take a lot of lessons, are not based in the US, and are keen to avoid any fees from your bank, I recommend opening an account with Wise (formerly TransferWise). It's free and simple to create an account, then you'd just add some funds, which Wise will convert into USD at the real exchange rate. Then they'll give you a debit card to use for spending internationally (also useful for holidays!)

Wise is available in dozens of countries, including most of Europe. I recommend Wise specifically as I've found their service to be a breath of fresh air compared to traditional banks. But there are also several other virtual bank accounts that can help you minimise fees when spending internationally. These include Revolut and N26.