How do I find a tutor that meets my needs?

On LanguaTalk, it's easy to find a tutor who fits your schedule, budget and needs.

First, use the availability filter at the top. Select the times of the week when you're free and you'll instantly see the tutors who have suitable time slots.

Then, filter by any other things that are important to you, like price, or where the tutor is from.

Next, watch videos of the tutors introducing themselves, read their reviews, and check their prices

When you open a profile page, you'll also be able to see the levels and ages that the tutor is comfortable with. Most tutors can teach all levels and ages, but this isn't always the case.

Lastly, book a trial session with a tutor. There's no commitment to take lessons afterwards - trial sessions are simply for getting to know each other, and for you to get a sense of what it'd be like to take lessons with the tutor. 

When you create an account, you'll be given one credit for a free trial session. Most tutors offer trials for free, whilst some charge 30% of their 55-minute lesson price.

If you have any trouble finding someone to help you become fluent, feel free to drop us a message via the help button in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Please briefly summarise your availability, location and needs, then we'll get back to you with a recommendation or two 😊