Contact Us

LanguaTalk isn't a large, faceless company - we're a small team that's made a name for itself by offering a superior experience to both learners and tutors.

Of course, no journey is without its bumps, and whilst things generally run smoothly, we can't prevent issues from ever occurring. But as long as you contact us, we can do our best to help you when issues do crop up.

Before doing that, you may be able to find answers by searching our comprehensive help site. This may help you resolve your problem instantly instead of having to wait to hear back (our team is small, may not be based in your time zone, and can't respond immediately).

If you still need to contact us, the way to access the contact form will depend on where you're reading this message:

If you're reading this message in the widget box on the main website, first click the X at the top right of this box, then you'll see 'Contact' at the top.

If you're instead reading this on the help site, you'll need to first click the help button in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Then, select 'Contact' at the top of the box that pops up (as shown in the image further above) to open up the contact form.

Please mention the language you're learning and provide as much detail as possible to help us answer your question promptly.

If you need to contact your tutor and they haven't given you their email, you can contact them by replying to any booking confirmation, rescheduling or session reminder email (search 'LanguaTalk' in your email account to find one). Or, if you've been taking lessons with your tutor through Skype, you can message them there (their ID will be visible under My Tutors in your account).

Want to contact us the old-fashioned way, by post? We're a fully remote company, but if you need an address, it's: LanguaTalk Inc., 122 E Main St, Suite 400-104, Medford, OR 97501.

Due to the number of learners and the international nature of our business, we don't provide phone support, but are always ready to help you resolve issues via email (through the Contact Form).