How do I update my payment details?

To update your details for receiving payments, please message us via the '?' sign in the corner of the screen. Please write the details in the message rather than sending a document.

If you're sending us payment details for the first time, please do this at the same time as you confirm all other tasks in the checklist are completed, and include your date of birth (required by Stripe for identity verification).

The bank account you provide should be in the country you told us you are living in when you completed the sign up form. So for example if you selected Germany, you need to give us a German bank account (the IBAN number would start with DE).

Below you can see the required details, which will be required together with the full name used on your account and your date of birth. You'll see that for certain countries in Latin America, Stripe also requires an ID number in order to satisfy international payment regulations. Please be assured that Stripe encrypts all data and is extremely secure (more info).

  • Europe: IBAN.
  • UK: account number and sort code.
  • US: account number and routing number.
  • Canada: Transit number, institution number and account number.
  • Mexico: Your legal name and CLABE.
  • Brazil: account number, routing number (bank code followed by branch code) and ID number (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas (CPF)).
  • Argentina: account number (CBU) and ID number (CUIT/CUIL).
  • Colombia: Bank name, account number and ID number (Cédula de Ciudadanía (CC)). If you have a Bancolombia account, you must have Abono Automático turned on to receive payments from abroad. Please confirm you have turned it on when sending your account number. How to turn it on: 1) Open internet banking 2) Go to the international transfers section 3) Choose an account and reason for receiving money.
  • Peru: account number (CCI) and your personal ID number (DNI or Carnet de Extranjeria)
  • Australia: BSB number and account number.
  • New Zealand: account number.
  • Hong Kong: clearing code, branch code and account number.
  • Singapore: bank code, branch code and account number.
  • Thailand: bank name and account number.
  • Indonesia: bank name, bank code (3-4 digits), account number. 
  • India: IFSC code and account number.

If your country is not listed, please contact us. Whilst the above details are usually sufficient, Stripe, our payment provider, may ask for some additional info to confirm your identity. We'll let you know if they do!