11) CHECKLIST - get your profile live

Below is a checklist to complete in order for us to be able to put your profile live. Note that we cannot put your profile live until you do all of the tasks below, including sending your payment details.

  1. Make sure you have read every page in this Getting Started guide (it's not long, and you will have trouble later if you don't read it)
  2. Set your availability (keep it accurate, our calendar sync can help!)
  3. Set up your calling tools - see advice here.
  4. Select the types of students you wish to accept (in your LanguaTalk Settings).
  5. Upload your video and profile photo.
  6. Add your profile title and written intro.
  7. When all of the above tasks are completed, please confirm this by emailing us or messaging us via the help button in the bottom-right corner of your screen (click 'contact' to open up the contact form). When you message us, please include your payment details. See required payment details here as they vary by country.

Some other important things to consider:

  • If you work on another platform and you have a Google Calendar, use our calendar sync explained here. This is important to avoid double bookings. Even if you don't have a Google calendar, you might want to create one (you can then sync Google with your existing calendar)
  • Read our Advice articles. These will help you have a positive experience and achieve your goals!
  • If you have a written review from a student, feel free to send one and we'll add it to your profile to help you get started. This must be sent when you send your payment details, and it must be pasted into the email/chat rather than sent as an image or attachment. Please include a link to the page the review is on, and note we can only add one review, not multiple, so choose wisely!