What is LanguaTalk and who created it?

Hey there! We're Don and Alex, the founders of LanguaTalk.

We created LanguaTalk because we want to help people learn languages effectively online. We do this by finding the most talented native tutors and connecting them with eager students.

Lessons are taught 1-on-1 to maximise the speed of learning and enable the tutor to adapt to your individual needs. You can learn from anywhere that has a good internet connection.

We've designed the site to be easy to use. You can choose a tutor based on their video, reviews and availability (which automatically shows according to your time zone). Then book and pay securely in a couple of clicks.

We also created LanguaTalk to provide tutors with a better alternative to existing platforms. We know many online language tutors and the problems they experience, such as websites charging exploitative commission rates and enforcing unfair policies. We do have a 24 hour cancellation policy to protect tutors from being messed around, so please bear this in mind if you take lessons.

We hope you have a phenomenal experience learning through LanguaTalk. But the site is relatively new, and we're constantly looking to improve things, so if you have any feedback please do write to us via the '?' sign in the corner of your screen.