I'm not fully satisfied with my lessons/tutor. What should I do?

If your expectations aren't being met, we recommend you first give your tutor some polite feedback to ensure they're aware of what the issues are and to give them a chance to change things.

If things don't improve or you're sure you don't want to continue with the tutor, we've a feature that allows you to make your remaining balance available for lessons with any other tutor.

To use this feature, go to Settings > Payments, and next to each payment you'll see you can click 'use balance with another tutor'. Note that scheduled lessons aren’t included in your available balance. If you have any scheduled and want to cancel them, do this first as you can only disconnect the balance from a tutor once.

After disconnecting the balance, when you next go to pay for lessons with another tutor, the balance will be discounted from the total.

We also encourage you to give feedback on the issues you've had with the tutor via the help button in the bottom-right corner of your screen. We genuinely care about your experience and feedback helps us address any issues. We can also add another free trial credit to your account if requested.

Note that due to technology limitations, a balance cannot be disconnected if it is partially or fully from a previously disconnected balance, i.e. you cannot disconnect a balance, use it for lessons with another tutor, then transfer the new balance again to someone else.