How do the flashcards work?

Ever tried to learn a language but felt like you're constantly forgetting words you used to know? Struggling to find the right words when you open your mouth? Flashcards are the solution for this.

As you read and listen to content on Langua, you’ll come across words and sentences you want to learn. Clicking the red button on a translation box will save the vocab to your account. Once you’ve saved some vocab, go to Flashcards.

When you click 'Start Learning', you'll choose between 3 options:

  1. Recall = see each word/sentence & try to recall what it means.
  2. Listen = listen to each word/sentence instead (harder).
  3. Produce = see vocab in your own language & try to translate it.

Whatever exercise you choose, after you see each answer, you’ll select whether you: a) ❌ didn’t know, b) 🤔 guessed correctly or c) ⚡ knew it.

A spaced repetition algorithm will adjust what you see based on your responses & show you vocab at increasing intervals over time. This is powerful because we tend to remember things better when we review them just at the point we're starting to forget. It's like getting a booster shot for your memory, making sure the information stays fresh and sticks around for a long time.

We recommend you review your flashcards every time you use Langua. This will ensure you’re learning efficiently rather than constantly forgetting what things mean!