What learning content is available on Langua and how can I import my favourite stuff?

You have several options for immersing yourself in content in your target language on Langua:

  • Videos - we’ve spent hours finding the best content on YouTube and categorising it by level, topic, dialect, and duration. The filters will be set automatically based on your Settings. You can also import YouTube videos in any language to your personal library by clicking the import content button here and following the instructions.
  • Podcasts - you can find some phenomenal podcasts in the Featured section. These are categorised approximately by level (some podcasts vary by episode), and dialect. You can also search for podcasts and subscribe to them. Langua will search podcasts in your target language, so it’s more helpful than searching on a standard podcast player.
  • Articles - You can import articles to your personal library by clicking the import content button here and pasting the text onto the page. If you prefer to listen, (or listen and read), you can generate audio, which will sync with an interactive transcript!
  • AI Stories - once you’ve saved at least 12 words, you can create stories that include the words you want to learn. This will help solidify the words in your memory and help you understand how they’re used. This is a Pro feature. If you’re learning Spanish or French, we’ve also created short stories that incorporate the most common words for specific topics.

Langua is the ideal way to find engaging content at the right level for you. Due to our interactive transcripts, you’ll find that stuff that would’ve been beyond you is just about comprehensible, and ideal for language learning!

If you have a Pro account, don't forget to add words and sentences, then learn them using our flashcard exercises. These are critical for building your vocabulary swiftly and efficiently. You can learn more about flashcards here. Oh, and then there's our most exciting feature, Communicate, which allows you to practice conversations in your target language with human-like AI characters.