Can I sync my personal calendar with LanguaTalk? (for students)

If you have a Google calendar, we have a sync feature that instantly updates your calendar whenever you book, reschedule or cancel a lesson. We highly recommend using this to save time and ensure you don't miss any lessons.

To turn on the sync, log in on LanguaTalk, go to Settings > Calendar Sync, and click the button to connect. When giving LanguaTalk permission to access your Google calendar,  you'll need to tick the tickbox in the list that starts with 'See, edit, share, and delete'.... 

We don't quite understand why Google requires us to have all of those permissions just to sync your lessons with your Google calendar, but please be assured: we only use the permissions for this process.

Once connected, make sure you select the correct calendar to sync with if you have more than one. You can check that it's working by going to your Google Calendar and seeing if your bookings have been added.

If your personal calendar isn't on Google, we don't have other sync options yet. If your calendar is on Apple or Outlook, as a workaround you could 1) create a Google calendar and sync it with LanguaTalk, then 2) sync the Google calendar with your Apple/Outlook calendar. Here are some help articles if you fancy giving it a try: Sync Apple Calendar with Google Calendar | Sync Outlook with Google Calendar

Note: this article is for students. If you're a tutor, you should go here for syncing instructions.