I'm experiencing technical issues with the AI conversation feature, Communicate. What should I do?

The AI chat uses a combination of various technologies, resulting in the occasional occurrence of technical hiccups. Below are a few possible issues with simple solutions that have worked for other learners, such as ensuring you're on the latest iOS if you use a device from Apple.

If the solutions below do not work for you, or if you have a different issue, please do get in touch with our team via email or via the Help button. We want to make sure you have a great experience with Langua, and your feedback is important to us too.

Please click on an issue below to see info and solutions:

I cannot hear the audio properly

The volume can progressively go lower on very long messages, however this is rare and does not normally occur on standard length replies (2-4 sentences). The voice tech company we use is working on fixing that.

If you're finding that the volume has is continuously very low and you have an Apple device, please check that you have the latest OS. This has worked for other learners. Feel free to contact us with your device info if you do not know how to update the OS.

Please note that Apple currently has a bug that can prevent automatically playing audio via bluetooth e.g. with airpods. This affects many sites on Safari, including ours. If it affects you, try using Chrome instead of Safari, then click on the settings cog at the bottom of your conversation, and select your desired input and output devices. At this time, Safari does not support the technology we use to allow you to select your input/output devices, so Chrome is required when not using your device's speakers.

If the audio is just slightly low, the first thing to do is ensure the volume is maximised on your device. We've noticed that some devices will increase the call volume rather than media volume, in which case you have to click the 3 vertically aligned dots on the screen to get to the media volume. The volume can also vary by voice, so you may want to try changing the voice before you start the chat via 'change conversation settings' at the bottom.

The first message from the AI is not loading.

The average response time is around 4 seconds, but it varies depending on two factors: the length of your response (as the AI has to read it), and most importantly, the length of the AI's reply. If the AI is preparing an answer including 5 or more sentences, you may have to wait 10-15 seconds. If it still does not load, there may be a technical issue. Some ways to fix this:

    • 1) refresh the page if you wish to continue the chat.
    • 2) click on Communicate in the site menu, and try starting a new chat.
    • 3) Try clearing your Cookies and Cache. See the instructions at the bottom of this article for how to do this in a few clicks.

If you're still having trouble, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

I cannot record what I say.

Normally your browser will show a notification asking you to enable your microphone when you first access the AI chat. Very occasionally, the browser may not do this, in which case you will see 'Enable microphone access' at the bottom of the screen in the chat.

If clicking this does not trigger the option to enable your mic, you might be told that you need to unblock it at the browser level. This varies by device. Please see below for instructions. Note that occasionally we see that the 'blocked' message is triggered by the browser by mistake. You can try refreshing the page as this is sometimes all that's needed. We've seen this happen in incognito mode.

  • Chrome & Firefox (laptops): you should see a mic icon or an icon like the one below, just to the left of the website URL. Click this and you should see either 'Microphone' or 'Permissions', allowing you to unblock the microphone access. For Chrome, you can also see instructions from Google.

  • If you're using an Android phone, click the icon that looks like the image above, just to the left of the website (URL) at the top of the page in the chat on Langua. You'll see Permissions and from there you can enable the microphone. You can also access this by clicking the three vertical dots in the top right, then the (i) symbol at the very top. If you do not see Permissions and are using Chrome, you can also see instructions from Google.
  • For Apple devices, please check that you have the latest OS (Operating System, sometimes called iOS). Updating to the latest one has worked for other learners as Apple does not maintain the older OS well for audio, and this can cause issues, particularly on iPhones. Feel free to contact us with your device info if you do not know how to update the OS. If you have the latest OS, then see below:
  • Apple will disable your microphone unless you enable it each time you go on Langua. To check that your mic is on, go to Settings > Safari, then Microphone (sometimes found under 'Websites'). Next to 'LanguaTalk', you'll see whether the mic is allowed or not. Change it to Allow (this should prevent you from being asked every time). If it's already on Allow, change to Deny, then switch back to Allow. If this does not fix it, try opening LanguaTalk in a new tab. If this doesn't work, see steps for clearing your cookies/cache at the bottom of this page.
    • On Apple Macs, it's also possible that your microphone is 'muted' rather than blocked. You can fix that by going to Sound Settings and increasing the input volume for the mic.
    • If you're specifically using an iPhone or iPad, it should also be possible to see the mic icon next to 'LanguaTalk' on the tab that has the chat open. You can disable and enable by clicking on the mic icon.

If your microphone is already enabled, learners have usually been able to fix it by opening LanguaTalk in a new tab, or clearing their Cookies/Cache. See below for how to do the latter in a few clicks. Another option is to simply try using a different internet browser or device. Chrome typically works better than Safari and other browsers (Safari for example does not display external audio devices when you open up the settings during a conversation).

Instructions for clearing your cookies and cache:

  • If you're using Google Chrome, copy this into your search bar: chrome://settings/privacy . Alternatively, to reach this page, click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the browser window to open the menu, then scroll down and select "Settings." Click on "Privacy and security" (on the left if you're on a laptop), then 'Clear browsing data'. You can select to only clear the last 7 days if you want to keep data from before then (so you do not get logged out of other sites).
  • Using Safari? Go to the Safari menu, select "Preferences," and then click on the "Privacy" tab. From there, you can click on "Manage Website Data" and remove any data related to LanguaTalk. Then go back to LanguaTalk and log in.
    • If you're using an iPad or iPhone, it's a bit different. Go to the Settings app. Near the bottom, click Advanced. Then 'Website Data'. Then 'Edit', click the red button next to LanguaTalk and 'Delete'.
  • For Firefox: Go to the top of the page, where you see the current page. To the left of this, click the padlock, and select Clear Cookies and Site Data.